Microsoft Edge

Microsoft Edge will release a new version of Edge on January 15. You can preview the new version on the Edge Insider site. The canary channel is recommended in order to test KeeForm.

KeeForm supports this new version. You basically just have to enable Allow extension from other Stores and follow the installation instructions on the KeeForm for Chome page

Only continue on this page, if you want to test KeeForm for "Edge Classic"

Watch the Installation Video    

2-step installation takes less than 45 seconds!

Click button #1 to download the installer and run it. I recommend to use the defaults. Watch also the installation video above.

To download and test KeeForm for Edge, please click the button #2 to join our Telegram group.

KeeForm has not yet been submitted to the Windows 10 Appstore.

That's all. From now on a double click on a URL in KeePass will open or re-use a browser session and start the form filling process.