Frequently Asked Questions
This is where you will find most answers. If there should still be any questions left, don't hesitate to contact us. Updated 1/20/2019


Latest version of the installer is 3.0.0 ?


Please clear your browser cache, if you have any download or version issues.

KeePass menu "tools -> plugins"?

That is correct, because strictly speaking KeeForm is not a plugin. KeeForm it is just an extension which is integrated via the URL override feature.

KeeForm does not have any access to KeePass and its data. The communication between KeePass and KeeForm is "one-way" only "KeePass -> KeeForm

Is KeeForm portable?
KeeForm is not portable. KeeForm needs to communicates with a browser extension. However browsers do not allow to install extensions in a portable manner.
Browser add-on permissions?
The browser add-on needs permission to read or change any website. Or else it wouldn't be able to fill forms. It also needs to be able to communicate with the KeeForm app on your machine ("native messaging").
KeeForm Password?

This optional. This field can be left empty.

If you want, you can enter a password during the installation to secure the communication between the KeeForm and Firefox (e.g. to prevent other apps "from accidentally" eavesdropping that communication). Don't forget to set the same password on the options page of the KeeForm Firefox extension as well. DO NOT USE YOUR KEEPASS PASSWORD FOR THIS.
KeeForm could not connect to browser ...
KeeForm communicates by default with ip address and port 8484. Make sure that a firewall doesn't block that ip and port. You can change that if needed by running the installer again, but don't forget to set the same ip/port in the KeeForm browser extension as well.
KeeForm shows a "red light"?

After enabling the KeeForm extension you should be able a see different color indicators on the KeeForm toolbar icon.

Blue indicates the KeeForm is initialzing. After a short time the indicator should turn green. If the color indicator turns red, then the extension is not able to "open a connection" to the KeeForm application, either because another browser is using it already, or because of an installation failure. In that case open the Windows task manager and check whether a process with the name "keeform_host-{username}.exe" is running. If not, try to close KeePass and all browser windows, and re-install KeeForm

Please try also FAQ "Manual Installation?"

Does KeeForm work on all sites?

KeeForm works only, if the username and password fields are on the same page.

KeeForm uses just a simple, but effective heuristic method to automate logins, and it works 98% of the time ("ballpark estimate"). For the remaining 2% you can still use auto-typing in KeePass.

Having said that, should you ever encounter a one-page login where KeeForm does not work, please send us the URL. We will try to improve KeeForm.

How to uninstall KeeForm?

Only experienced users should attempt this. And backup your system first!


Please run the un-installer first. This will take care any registry entries and remove the KeeForm folder from your KeePass installation.

The un-installer will also try to remove the "URL override" configuration by restoring the previous value.

If that fails, please try the following steps.

Remove any KeeForm Folders in the %LOCALAPPDATA% folder and in your KeePass folder.

Remove the Url Override configuration.

MENU -> tools->options-> TAB integration -> BUTTON Url Overrides -> FIELD Override all entry URLS

If you see something like cmd://"...\KeeForm\" ... just remove it

Remove all registry keys with the following commands.

reg.exe DELETE HKCU\Software\Mozilla\NativeMessagingHosts\ /f
reg.exe DELETE HKCU\Software\Google\Chrome\NativeMessagingHosts\ /f
reg.exe DELETE HKLM\Software\Mozilla\NativeMessagingHosts\ /f
reg.exe DELETE HKLM\Software\Google\Chrome\NativeMessagingHosts\ /f
Manual Installation?
Should be only attempted by experienced users. Backup recommended.

If the installer (v2.2.1 or higher) has copied the KeeForm folder to your KeePass folder successfully, but you still see a "red light" on the KeeForm browser icon, you could try to add the missing pieces yourself.

To add the KeeForm registry keys, please run the commands below, but first you need change the USERNAME to your user ...
reg.exe ADD HKCU\Software\Mozilla\NativeMessagingHosts\ /d "C:\Users\USERNAME\AppData\Local\KeeForm\" /f /t REG_SZ 

reg.exe ADD HKCU\Software\Google\Chrome\NativeMessagingHosts\ /d "C:\Users\USERNAME\AppData\Local\KeeForm\" /f /t REG_SZ

Then you also have to change the global override in

MENU -> tools->options -> TAB integration -> BUTTON Url Overrides -> FIELD Override all entry URLS


cmd://"%LOCALAPPDATA%\KeeForm\AutoIt3.exe" "%LOCALAPPDATA%\KeeForm\KeeForm.au3" {FIREFOX} "{URL}" "{USERNAME}" "{PASSWORD}"

(If you want to start Chrome, you will have to replace FIREFOX with GOOGLECHROME)

Please restart all browsers, and test again. Good luck!
Installation 100% ok! But one entry still opens a different application?

In that case your entry has an individual override URL.

Please edit that entry and remove the URL override from that entry (the override usually starts with cmd://)

How to re-install KeeForm?

It is recommended to uninstall KeeForm before re-installing it.

This does not apply to the browser extensions.

I can not find KeeForm in my KeePass folder?
KeeForm is installed in the %LOCALAPPDATA% folder (since installer version 2.2)
Field reference instead of password during installation?

This is possible with KeePass 2.x

You just need to create a new field with title KEEFORM and a password

Then add the following "password" during the installation


You also have to add the password (not the reference!) in the options of your KeeForm browser extension.

Windows XP support?
Windows XP is NOT supported unfortunately.
KeePass v1 and v2 support?

Yes, KeeForm supports both branches of KeePass.

I personally use KeePass 2.x

Two step login like Google accounts?

This should work in most cases by clicking on the KeeForm icon in your browser's toolbar.

When you see a username or password field, simply click the KeeForm icon to fill the fields.


When did KeeForm development start?

The first version of KeeForm was released in 2005 in the AutoIt forums.

Does KeeForm contain any malware?

KeeForm was born in 2005. Since then KeeForm has never had any malware/adware/coinware.

However it is not uncommon that AV software report false positives. Even digitally signed KeePass has this issue from time to time.

Please check the current malware scan status at


If you encounter any false positives, please report them to your AV vendor. We appreciate it!

Do you provide technical support?
We try to help as much as possible, when we have time. Please contact us via Telegram, email, or post in the KeePass forums.
How much does KeeForm cost?
KeeForm is free.
Why is there no GitHub repository yet?

This is on our todo-list!

But the installer contains the source code of the KeeForm FireFox and Chrome browser extensions, the KeeForm native messaging component, and the KeePass add-on. Everything needed to run/inspect KeeForm. GPL licensed.

The source for the Microsoft Edge extension will be available after testing is finished

Do you track me?
KeeForm does not track your login data. NEVER!
Does KeeForm contain any coin-ware?
KeeForm does not and will never run any "cryptocurrency mining" software.